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The Pope Washes Feet of Women

The Pope Washes Feet of Women

Pope washes feet of the youth

Holy Thursday celebration in youth prison

I continue to be encouraged by our new Pope.  Pope Francis seems to be living up to his namesake (St. Francis of Assisi) by going back to the simple roots of the church.  Just like Jesus stirred up the people of his time by washing the disciples feet (what was shocking in Jesus’ time due to this being only a servant’s job), he is shocking the church by washing feet of women (even a Muslim girl).  Ordinarily this done with 12 priest that represent the 12 apostles, so it is unorthodox to go into a youth prison to pick the 12 in which 2 are girls (one Catholic and one Muslim).

This gesture is quite a bold one and one that helps open our eyes to probably what Christ would do today to celebrate this religious observance.  Christ calls us to do the same, to be servants   That call is not just for Christian males, but of women too and of all walks of faith (in his time it was the Jews and the Gentiles).

Does this open the door to women ordination?  I don’t know, but it truly shows his dedication to humility and service to all.  It also gives hope that we will not be turning back to the pre-Vatican II days.  I think we have a leader of the Catholic church that will be a model for all Christianity.

This Easter looks like a rebirth… we are hopefully dying to strick traditions that need a conscious heart to re-evaluate and be re-centered on what Christ would do in today’s modern world.

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis I

Excited about our new Pope Francis the first. A Jesuit Pope from Latin America that choses his name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi is all positives from my perspective. From what I hear, he is a simple man who is passionate for the poor and a strong leader. This creates great hope for the Catholic Church. I look forward to the great things from this man who is known to be humble and austere. My first impressions of him make me think he will be a Pope of the People. To see a Pope bow in humility to the crowd to ask for a blessing was quite amazing. I know many people will be praying for him to help the church in very challenge times.

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Great to be part of a company that every

Great to be part of a company that everyone cares about company culture – #sharedvalues

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2/18/2012 Progress Update on 2/12/2012 Elderberry Cuttings

Looks like the Elderberry cuttings have survived the first week since being rooted. There is some healthy new growth and noticing leaves start to bud out on the cuttings that had no leaves. Looks like we are on our way to having a few elderberry bushes this summer.

Via Flickr:
2/18 Update – A closer view on the new growth.

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Alex Finishes Sweetwater H20 50K


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This is a picture of Alex after the 50K. Considering his Achilles pain going into the race, we were thrilled that he could finish.

Also in the photo left to right are:

  • Mark Schaffer – His senior project facilitator (this 50K was his senior project)
  • Alex Ryan – My son (of course 🙂 )
  • Ty Brown – Alex’s Cross Country Coach
  • Sargent Eric White – In charge of Junior Army ROTC at Alex’s High School
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Back from the Beach

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The family had relaxing time at Edisto Island last week. I decided to sport a new look, that is bald (this time not due to a chemo treatment). The weather was very warm for June and the water was at bath temperature. The theme for the week was 3rd and 4th desserts and successfully put 10 pounds on me by the end of the week.

This year we missed having Alex with us. He is at Governor’s Honors Program all summer down at Valdolsta State University. I know it was tough for him last week knowing that we were at the beach. He is enjoying his time studying advance Math through programming in Eiffel and Delphi and learning more about Environmental Science through field trips to an Organic Farm and an Organic Salsa Factory. We look forward to seeing him this weekend at the Peachtree Road Race.

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A Day Full of Garden Journaling

The gardener and geek in me is loving the site  I just finished journaling 5 entries into myfolia (see  I know it is way too nice outside to be on the computer.  Well, Linda is out with the twins and Alex left for a school assignment at another kids house.  I have taken this time to document the progress of the garden. 

This spring has been a warm one and things are happening in the garden.  Last weekend, I built a new terraced garden below the driveway.  The interesting part of constructing this garden is that it is bordered by 100+ year old brick from my parent’s old fireplace that was taken down recently.  Madeline is going to paint one of the bricks with the year that the house was built (1903).

The above picture the garden boarder was taken the day that I constructed the garden.  It is now completely filled with transplants and seeds.  I am excited about all the fresh vegetables that the garden will yield this year!

Posted by: Tommy Ryan | November 17, 2009

CAT Scans are negative!

CAT Scans came back last week and they are negative…. and yes that is a GOOD thing. So my 1.5 year checkup was a success!
Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. And sorry for taking so long to update my blog :).
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My Latest Plantings

I am hooked on a new site for tracking my gardening progress.  Folia is a garderning geek paradise.  Check it out…

I’m on: - Garden Tracking Community

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Relay for Life 2009

This is the second year for ThreeWill to field a Relay for Life Team.  We returned to Alpharetta High School and had a great start to the evening.  Linda and I walked the Survivor’s Walk together, which is what kicks off the event.  I had the honor of carrying the “Celebrate” flag (see for a video of Linda and I… youtube version below).

The kids enjoy playing ball on the field.  I had a soccer buddy named Bella (Sean Hester’s daughter) – I had a “ball” kicking with her.   On the day of the event (Friday, May 1) we had a heavy rainstorm during the day and it cleared up just in time for the event.  Everyone had a great time in the daylight and as the sun set that evening you could see thunder in the distance.  This eventually hit the event and at about 11pm we pack up a soaking wet camp. 

The organizers of the event push up the luminary ceremony (lighting lights in Memory or Honor of people effected by Cancer) and we were able to get a lap in before the downpour of rain.  I dedicated my walk (lighted luminary bags) to:

  • In Memory of Jim Marks (a friend that I made during my stem cell transplant in Houston).  He passed away the weekend I came back to Houston for a Survivor’s Celebration in Houston (about 6 months post treatment)
  • In Honor of Bob Buhay (a friend that had a stem cell transplant after me and is a 2 time Hodkin’s survivor like me)

The rain cut short the event, but we had lots of fun and were able to raise our goal of $3,000 (we always like to do things in 3’s at ThreeWill… including having campsite #3).  The overall event raised over $150,000 that night for the fight against cancer.  Thanks for everyone’s support!

This event (as it did last year) gave me time to reflect on my cancer experience.  My treatment seems so distant, but this walk reminds me of the struggle and pain others have and are going through.  It is too easy to take life for granted.  This event helps ground me in the reality of how fragile life is and celebrate the blessing of life.  Thank God for Life!

You can find pictures of the event on flickr –

Here is our team page for Relay for Life –

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